• Cuc0ach1ng


    I am developing a UDP application using lwip on a Zynq FPGA bare metal platform. My application sends Status packets using udp_sendto() to a PC host every 1s when the host is not responding. The packets are observed (on Wireshark) as being sent in the correct sequence and with the corrrect content and length. However, a packet doesn't appear on the network every 1s. 2 packets with same timestamp are sent on each 2s boundary. I believe by observing lwip debug prints that data is sent to the network every 1s but am not sure why the stalling of packets happens. Ay guidance is appreciated

    Thank you

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  • Doriano dotsys

    I'm using the LwIP ver. 1.3.2 ported by STMicroelectronics for the STM32F207 Microcontroller.

    My customers ask if this stack implemented the following RFC:

    -   link layer RFC: 826

    -   IPv4 network layer RFCs: 791, 894, 1042, 1122

    -   transport layer RFCs: 793, 813, 1122, 1191, 1323, 2012, 2581, 2988 There is someone can give a answer? Thanks in advanced.


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  • Johnwilliamhoffman

    We are using LWIP 1.3.2(as ported by TexasInstruments), IAR compiler targeting a stellaris MCU. The TI implementation uses a timer tick interrupt 100 times/sec to service the LWIP stack. No RTOS involved. Our application code also runs on this same timer tick interrupt so no concurrency issues in play.

    We implemented a webservice http client over tcp. Periodically(about 1-2 times per day), we miss ACKs in the application layer. Plain and simple, our tcp_sent callback does not get called. We have timers that expire if the ack is not seen. I have captured the WireShark trace and the ack is being transmitted. For some reason the lwip stack does not inform the application layer. I don’t know if the LWIP stack sees the ack or not.

    The odd thi…

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  • Bellphin

    TCP/IP Listen issue

    August 5, 2014 by Bellphin


    I use EVK1100 in AT32. In this project, we using RTOS+LWIP. 

    we have implemented the TCP/IP using default files. what problem we are facing in the

    project is that our TCP can listen the sockets only three times thereafter if we try to open the port it won't open. then we have to restart the system.

    So We want to know

    is any TCP/IP listen limitation in lwip?

    if any limitation are there how can we overcome the issue?

    Please anybody help for us?

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