• Johnwilliamhoffman

    We are using LWIP 1.3.2(as ported by TexasInstruments), IAR compiler targeting a stellaris MCU. The TI implementation uses a timer tick interrupt 100 times/sec to service the LWIP stack. No RTOS involved. Our application code also runs on this same timer tick interrupt so no concurrency issues in play.

    We implemented a webservice http client over tcp. Periodically(about 1-2 times per day), we miss ACKs in the application layer. Plain and simple, our tcp_sent callback does not get called. We have timers that expire if the ack is not seen. I have captured the WireShark trace and the ack is being transmitted. For some reason the lwip stack does not inform the application layer. I don’t know if the LWIP stack sees the ack or not.

    The odd thi…

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